Capital District Cricket Association (CDCA) was established back in 2015 with the single agenda “Bring the Global Game to Capital District”.  There was only one cricket pitch in the whole of Capital Region that was used for matting wicket and small local tournaments now and then on unprepared or under prepared grounds without any matting. Since then CDCA took the initiative to prepare the infrastructure to provide safe and quality playing conditions for players to take part.

In 2015 the first summer long tennis ball league was started with 16 teams and fast forward to 2018, we now have 5 cricket pitches in the region with 3 of them being used for hard ball cricket and 2 used specifically for tennis ball cricket leagues. We are able to provide perfect cricketing conditions due to the support from the City of Schenectady, City of Albany, Town of Clifton park, Town of New Baltimore, the Management of Elks at Clifton Park and the Life for Nations Church.

Today, we conduct:

  • Morris Persaud Memorial Cricket (40 overs/cricket ball) League with 10 teams.
  • Electric (T-20/cricket ball) Cricket  League with 10 teams.
  • Albany Cricket (15 overs/Tennisball) League with 17 teams
  • Super 8 (8 overs/Tennisball) Tournament with 22 teams
  • 40+ Masters Indoor (8 overs/Tennisball) Tournament with 8 teams
  • Gully Premier Indoor (8 overs/Tennisball) League with 8 teams
  • Training PE Teachers with basics of cricket and promoting school cricket.
  • Youth Cricket Camps with YMCA
  • Cricket Umpires workshops to educate the local cricket officals

With over 300 players playing the game every weekend across 5 fields from Ballston Lake to Hannacroix.  One can agree to the fact that CDCA has worked hard to establish the game of cricket as a prominent bat and ball game in the region. We are even more determined to develop and promote our youth crickets to represent regional and national teams.

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